Commercial/Office Space in Davenport, Iowa. Unit size is 34′ x 50′ x 14′ at Davenport Storage Center

Why Use Self Storage For Your Office

When we think of self-storage, we think of storing our household items, precious inherited furniture and our camper or RVs. It is great for all of those, but did you know that self-storage can be very beneficial to those who own a small business? 

Maybe you need storage for office items such as things you sell, whether you make those goods yourself or you are a distributor. 

It also might be a help to have a storage unit to store some of your office items when you are moving from one office to another, remodeling, or just need to create space in your office.

Consult with your tax advisor, but the rent for your self-storage unit might be a tax deduction. 

Things to consider when choosing your storage facility are: 

  • The right size unit – finding the correct size will allow you to make aisles, keeping the boxes and items you store accessible. 
  • What type of unit – do you need a temperature-controlled unit or is a drive-up unit ok? Depends on what you are storing. Documents and items sensitive to heat or cold should be stored in a temperature-controlled unit. 
  • Security – is there on sight manager or gate? 
  • Access – is there an elevator? Or do you have to carry everything up the stairs? It can make a lot of difference if you have boxes of heavy items like books or papers. 

These are just a few things to consider about how self-storage can help your business. Having a storage unit can actually help you to save time and money. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (563) 391-9078.

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